Benefits of de-sexing your pet.
Thousands of animals each year find themselves in animal holding facilities, lost, or injured due to homelessness or escaping the confines of their back yard.
People adore their companion animals and there is something extremely loveable about puppies and kittens however, where do they go when they are all grown up? What happens to those whom can’t find a home? Who pays all those medical expenses that come with juvenile companion animals?
It is our responsibility to control the companion animal population.

Facts –
Cats reach sexual maturity very quickly males as early as 4months and females as early as 5months! Female cats can produce 2-3 litters a year ranging between 1-8 kittens at a time. It is possible for one Queen (mother cat) to produce 100 kittens in her lifetime!!!!

Have you heard the midnight growl?

Tom cats (entire males) are notorious for initiating cat fights, they are often large stray cats which roam onto other cats’ territory bringing with them the threat of disease and the urge to mate, which is another good reason owners should get their females de-sexed as animals can sense when females are in heat.
Male entire cats also show a behaviour trait called ‘spraying’ which is a way of marking territory, the pheromones within the urine are very strong and give off a strong scent which is offensive to humans – they will ‘spray’ indoors also.
They can cause a lot of damage to each other during fights, due to the bacteria found on felines teeth the fight wounds often become infected and cause abscess’ which may require surgery but will surely require antibiotics.
Even domestic cats, if not contained indoors will go elsewhere to give birth so owners with a pregnant cat may never actually get to see the kittens as the queen likes to hide them in an area she sees fit. Now not only does the owner not know where they are located, they are also going uncared for, missing worming treatments and vaccinations and missing out on vital human socializing, now we have 1-8 extra feral cats in the area.

Can you smell that?

Dogs have extremely strong sense of smell and they can pick up on pheromones produced by a female in heat from a large distance. Therefore, entire males will often make escape attempts, this can lead to a lot of issues including, causing a road traffic accident, being injured by traffic, injuring a human or another animal – all of which are fineable offences for the owner of the dog.
Health benefits of de-sexing
– De-sexed male dogs have a hugely reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to an entire male.
– De-sexed Female dogs are also not at risk of contracting a condition called Pyometra which is a serious infection of the uterus and can be life threatening.

Socializing with other dogs generally will be easier for a de-sexed animal as a dog with high levels of sexual hormones are prone to be more aggressive towards other canines and less responsive to training. De-sexed dogs also make less frequent escape attempts.

If you have questions about de-sexing your pet, please do not hesitate to call us on 02 47333456.

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