This is the story of Whiskey the Pomeranian. Whiskey was pulled from a severe house fire that engulfed an apartment in Jamisontown. Whiskey, his mate Tina, and owner Mr Wiggins were found inside when Fire and Rescue NSW arrived. Whiskey’s owner Mr Wiggins was unconscious, Tina had sadly perished and Whiskey was found burnt, covered in ash and was struggling to breathe due to smoke inhalation.


Above Photo: At the rescue site. Photo credit; Fire and Rescue NSW

Whiskey and Tina were brought into WellPet Vets Nepean by firefighter Antony Crowe and crew from St Marys Fire Brigade. Whiskey’s owner was taken to Royal North Shore hospital in a critical condition.

Dr Heather Neely treated Whiskey promptly on arrival. He was covered in ash and trembling. Dr Heather placed him on IV fluids and Intranasal oxygen, he was given a sedative and pain relief as she worked quickly to treat his shock and smoke inhalation. He was assessed for burns and other injuries. Whiskey had evidence of burns to his lower back and back legs, however it would be days before these burns truly showed the extent of damage to his skin. Whiskey also had radiographs (X-Rays) taken to check for any further injuries and assess the damage to his lungs from the smoke. The results showed no further damage to his body, however the extent of the smoke inhalation was evident on the radiographs taken over the first few days of his recovery.


Above Photo: Whiskey in intensive care at WellPet Vets and Whiskeys burns after a few short days.

As Whiskey recovered in intensive care, his owner remained in a critical condition in hospital. We contacted Mr Wiggins next of kin, given his critical condition, and the inability for his family to take Whiskey into their care, the decision was made to surrender Whiskey to WellPet Vets. Firefighter Antony Crowe then offered to take Whiskey into his care once ready for discharge. He would adopt Whiskey until Mr Wiggins recovered, or permanently if required. This was great news for Whiskey!

Whiskey continued to receive treatment, his smoke inhalation improved daily and despite developing a cough, with oxygen support and medications he recovered from this very well.


Above Photo: Whiskey gets a visit from WellPet Vets Santa

His burns have taken longer to improve. As the days progressed, the damage to his skin became more evident, this is typical of burn wounds. Whiskey’s skin had been severely burnt over his back and hind legs. It was expected that the skin would go through a process where the damage would cause the burnt skin to die and slough. New tissue would then form in a process called granulation and skin would regrow from the edges. Whiskey needed to undergo two procedures to improve the healing process. He received over the course of his stay two general anaesthetics. During each procedure, the dead tissue was removed and cleaned away to help promote the healthy skin and tissue growth underneath. Whiskeys wounds received daily dressing and care with specialised burn creams to ensure the tissues were kept moist and had the best opportunity to heal. Whiskey remained on IV fluids, pain relief and antibiotics to support this healing process until such time his wounds regrew the healthy tissue and began to close, becoming less painful.

Whiskey’s recovery has been remarkable, he has overcome multiple injuries and his wounds are still healing, he was discharged to Antony this week to continue his recovery at his new home. Everyone who has helped treat Whiskey and has met him wishes him all the best in his new home and a speedy recovery! Get well soon Whiskey!

Photo Below; Firefighter Antony Crowe adopts Whiskey, and he is discharged from hospital.

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