Let Your Pet Be A Hero!

Just like in humans, there are many reasons why some of our patients will need a life-saving blood donation while they are in hospital, whether it be from acute trauma, auto-immune diseases, clotting disorders, toxins, organ failure, and so on. More often than not, time is of the essence, which means we cannot delay in getting them the blood they need. As such, we aim to always have blood ready on site for when that time comes.

Would you like to help our patients in need?

Your pet can save lives by becoming a WellPet Blood Donor!

If your pet is:

  • Healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations, heartworm prevention and worming;
  • Aged between 1-7 years old;
  • Weighs at least 25kg (4.5kg for cats) and is not overweight;
  • Has no significant current or previous illness;
  • Has never received a blood transfusion; and
  • Has a friendly and obedient demeanour


… then they are the perfect candidate to help.

Blood donation is quite safe, and we take every precaution in hospital to ensure that no harm comes to your pet during the collection procedure.

Every time your pet gives a blood donation, they will receive a free health check and blood scan, and you will receive $50 credit on any veterinary services across our three clinics.


For more information, just ask our friendly reception staff and we can arrange to have your pet assessed and placed on our WellPet Blood Donation roster.