Wildlife preservation at WellPet Vets

WellPets Vets is passionate about preserving and helping our local Wildlife. Our Nepean Animal Hospital location is open 24Hours a day 365 days a year.

We will happily admit into our care any wildlife that is injured and needs veterinary attention. With trained WIRES staff on our team and carers on standby, we can assess, treat and rehabilitate wildlife quickly with little stress to the animal.

What should I do if I find any injured wildlife?

If you find any injured wildlife, first contact WIRES on the number below. If you can capture the animal without putting yourself in danger, carefully find a box or a towel and gently place the animal in a dark box and transport it directly to your nearest veterinarian or Nepean Animal Hospital, 50 Mulgoa Rd, Regentville, NSW. Ph: 1300 WELLPET.

Need help with injured wildlife?

If you feel you cannot safely capture the animal then please contact WIRES directly for help. They will direct you in what to do and send the first available carer to your location. Their number is: