Senior Pet Care

As pet owners its often hard to believe that our pets reach their senior years much faster than expected. Cats will generally begin their senior years at the age of 8 and dogs depending on their size can vary. Little dogs will reach their senior years around 7 years and larger dogs around 6 years of age.

What happens to my pet as it gets older?

As your furry friend ages its there are a few changes that will occur in your pet. Firstly, age related changes will occur. This means things like hearing loss, changes in their vision and you will also notice them slowing down and not being as active as they once were.

The other changes that can occur are health and internal changes as their organs and bodies age. Some of these conditions can be prevented if assessed early or successfully managed. These conditions include heart disease, kidney and/or liver disease, dental disease and arthritis.

What can I do to help my pet age well?

WellPet offer expert advise for your elderly pet as well as a range of products and services to ensure we don’t miss any changes to your pets health as they get older and we can keep them comfortable and healthy until the end.

We recommend for our pets entering their senior years, a routine vet health check and physical exam every 6 months. We also offer a senior pets blood testing service in which can alert us to any changes in their internal body and allow for early preventative treatment or some of the above mentioned diseases.

Is your pet aged over 7 years of age?

If you have an older pet or have any concerns about your pets aging condition book in an appointment with one of our veterinarians and we can put together a health care plan for you and your pet.