Imaging facilities at WellPet Vets

All WellPet Animal Hospitals are well equipped with an extensive range of diagnostic imaging tools. With access to digital X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy on site we are able to investigate complex conditions to find a diagnosis and begin treatment quickly.

Digital X-Ray at WellPet Vets

WellPets X-ray imaging equipment and software system allows our vets take and view images in high resolution within minutes not hours. We also have the ability to share these high quality digital images with radiography specialists upon request. This means your pet has the best in the industry available to help diagnose their illness without having to take your pet to another hospital or repeat x-rays.

Ultrasound at WellPet Vets

Our on site ultrasound is most frequently used to scan the abdomen in your pet. We can use this tool to aid in diagnosis of conditions particularly in pets suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea for example. We can also confirm pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound as well.

Endoscopy at WellPet Vets

Our endoscopy equipment allows us to diagnose conditions quickly through visualisation and exploration of your pet using a small fibre optic camera. Most commonly used in the gastro intestinal tract this equipment allows us to visualise the area and look for abnormalities and also take biopsy samples for pathology. In some instances even remove foreign objects with out the need for surgery. This less invasive method means we can ensure your pet is diagnosed and recovers quickly and safely.