Dental care is important!

Animals’ teeth should never be overlooked.

We would never dream of not brushing our own teeth for months on end, yet we often forget that our pets teeth require the same level of care as our own.

If we simply leave them they will, just like ours, decay and eventually cause irreversible damage and can result in serious health concerns.

As well as being painful, dental disease affects your pet’s overall health with the heart and other vital organs affected.

Is your pet suffering in silence?

Did you know that over 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three years old have dental disease that requires veterinary intervention?

WellPet Vets can help your pet!

WellPet Vets is equipped with top of the range dental facilities, including an ultrasonic scaler and polisher as well as a high-speed drill.

WellPet Vets are equipped to perform dental procedures ranging from simple procedures such as scale and polishing health teeth, to complex oral surgery which can involve the removal of teeth.

Our digital dental X-ray machine also allows for detailed X-rays of the teeth not possible with standard X-ray allowing for more thorough assessment of the teeth and jaw.

What can you do at home?

It is also important to remember that prevention is better than cure.

At WellPet Vets we strongly advocate for all of our furry friends to receive the gold standard in pet dental care. This means daily teeth brushing for your dog and cat’s teeth from a young age.

However if you are finding that this is a challenge don’t let that deter you!

We can also give you other dental hygiene tips and methods to ensure your pet dental care stays pain and disease free for life!

Not sure if your pet needs help?

Book in for a FREE dental check with our team and we’d be happy to discuss and demonstrate with you and your grateful furry friend!

You pet’s teeth with be graded and assessed by our team and a dental plan will be presented to you.

Following this plan will ensure your pet is in tip top dental health.

Rest assured our team of veterinary dentists will be here to help you and your pet every step of the way!