This year is fast disappearing and it’s that jolly time again where Santa and the Christmas Spirit is in the air. Sadly, it’s not always a happy time for some animals, who find themselves alone and without homes.

Each year in conjunction with the wonderful Franklin from Franklin Photography we hold a Santa Pet Photo booth at WellPet Vets Nepean. This event not only allows clients and their pets to capture a beautiful portrait of their pet with Santa; celebrating the special bond we have with our pets and their part in our family, it also serves in an effort to raise awareness and much needed funds for a local welfare group. This year our WellPet Santa Campaign will be sponsoring Friendly K9 Rescue.

Friendly K9 Rescue (FK9R) is a local Penrith based rescue group run by Donna and the Friendly K9 Rescue Committee, they are a not for profit animal rescue group, committed to the rescue and rehoming of unwanted domestic animals, mainly dogs and sometimes cats.
FK9R rescues animals from certain death in places like Sydney’s country pounds and shelters, they also take private surrenders and ensure they are provided with veterinary attention and foster care until a permanent and loving home can be found. Donna at any one time can have up to 30 dogs in her home.

We asked Donna from Friendly K9 Rescue some questions surrounding their work to help animals in need;

1. How long has Friendly K9 Rescue been helping orphaned pets?

Friendly K9 was founded in December 2014

2. What are the main reasons for pets becoming orphaned?

I find that Pets often become orphaned because of change in living/working circumstances, people not knowing what to expect from the breed, lack of training and mind stimulation and the dog starts entertaining itself in the back yard or escaping and also lack of rental properties that will allow renters to take pets.

3. How may pets do you re-home in a year?

Rehoming rates vary but approx 100 per year.

4. Do you see an increase in orphaned animals at any particular times during the year?

Its alarming at how many animals need home at all times of the year

5. How does foster care help in rehoming pets?

The foster care system benefits you and the foster pet. By providing you with valuable information about the animal gained through the carers experiences in a home environment, we can help match you up with the right pet for your home. The animals also benefit from being in a loving home environment until their permanent homes are found.

6. What can people do to help?

People need to talk to others and be fully aware of what they are entering into: size, breed, bad habits, genetic problems, barking. Picking an animal to suit your family can not be chosen by the breed or look – meet the animal and know their true personalities. If you only get told good things about the animal, question what the undesirable behaviours are – we all have them – if you know them, you will know if you can cope with it.

Spread the word on adopting, desexing and vaccination of animals. Its amazing how many people are still oblivious to how sick an unvaccinated dog can get or cancerous properties that are much more present in undesexed older dogs.

Rescue groups appreciate donations of various items. Simple items that you may pick up through the supermarket on your shop like paper towel, baby wipes, coconut oil, rice, pasta and washing powder. Other items like blankets and towels and second hand pet items.

Our main costs are Vet bills and Petrol. If anyone would like to make a donation to our account at WellPet’s it would be greatly received. Cash donations are welcome and a tax-deductible receipt is available.

If you would like more information, or to book in your pet for a Santa photo sessions please go to Sessions commence 2nd November so don’t miss out!!

WellPet Hospitals between the 1st November and the 1st December will have available for sale WellPet heart shaped paw decorations to hang on our “Paws for a Cause” Christmas Trees! Each Paw is $2 and all proceeds will go to Friendly K9 Rescue. You will be able to write your pets name on the front to show “Suppawt” for their fellow pets in need and your details on the back to automatically go into the draw to win up to $500 worth of pet care products and services!
Additional raffle tickets can also be purchase to increase your chances of winning!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for competitions and giveaways we are running over the next month to help this worthy cause. If you are interested in adopting a pet or would like more information about Friendly K9 Rescue go to Note; If you are interested in adopting a pet you will be required to put your name on a waiting list and criteria will apply.

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