All of our WellPet Hospitals are equipped with spacious dog runs to home your dog whilst your away on holiday.

WellPet Mountains indoor runs feature air-conditioning for the summer months. WellPet Nepean and St Clair runs are also air-conditioned indoor facilities and feature in built soundproofing to cater for those dogs that might have phobias of loud noises.


At all of our WellPet Hospitals we have several spacious and comfortable “condos” available for cat boarding, which is especially desirable for cats who are boarding for longer periods.

The condos include hammock style beds that provide ample space for important tasks like lounging around. At Mountains Animal Hospital, along with multiple cat condos, we also have a “Lions Den” to allow cats to have a roam in a secure environment while holidaying with us.


All cats and dogs are fed premium quality food throughout their stay, but you are welcome to bring any special treats, snacks, or toys that will help to make your pet’s stay more enjoyable.

All cats and dogs are given daily special attention and play time.

Where possible we endeavor to meet any special requests you may have.

If your cat or dog has any special medical or dietary requirements, please feel free to discuss them with our staff prior to admission.


It is important that all boarding cats and dogs are up to date with their annual vaccinations. For cats, they must have had a minimum F3 Vaccine however we recommend all cats are protected with an F5 vaccine. This will ensure they are protected against feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis and feline calici virus, feline leukemia, and chlamydia. For Dogs we require a minimum C5 however we recommend all dogs are protected with an C7 vaccine, this will ensure protection against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, bordetella, leptospirosis and coronavirus. You pet must be up to date with their vaccinations in order to board with us.


WellPet also offer Daycare for those days where you might not want to leave your pet at home by themselves, with an easy sign in and sign out service for regular attendees having your pet minded has never been easier!

Make a booking

Boarding spaces fill up quickly around holiday periods, especially Christmas and Easter times, so if you are thinking of boarding your animals over these periods, please be sure to book your pet in well in advance.