Congratulations! You have a new pet!

Welcoming a new pet into your family is an exciting time but is also a busy time! With any new baby, there is always so much to remember: toileting, nutrition, worming, parasite protection, training, vaccinations, bedding, toys and play and the list goes on!

Our experienced team can ensure that you and your new family member get the best start in life and secure an help you nuture a healthy bond for you and your new pet.

Book a Free New Pet health check Now

At WellPet Vets we are committed to ensuring your pet has the best start in life and so we invite you and your pet to come to our clinic for a free new pet health check!

What will happen at my pets first health check?

At your first health check your new pet will receive a full health examination by one of our veterinarians and we will also go through your pets preventative care as well as discussing their development and behaviour. We will ensure we answer all your questions about your new little one and make sure you are on the right path!

Whats inside my pets information pack?

You will receive an information pack filled with samples and the latest recommendations for you and your pet. This includes 4 weeks free pet insurance, puppy preschool information, parasite protection brochures, product samples (subject to availability), and a health care summary sheet so you don’t forget any important dates and needs for your new pet.