This is the story of Spike the 1-year-old Border Collie cross. Spike was brought into WellPet Nepean after roaming from home and being tragically injured in a car accident. His finders noticed he had sustained significant damage to his hind legs. They acted quickly, and brought him into our Nepean Animal hospital with haste.

Upon arrival he was found to have no microchip and was quickly assessed by the attending Veterinarian, Dr Heather, who administered pain relief and first aid treatment for shock before assessing the full extent of his injuries.

Spike had suffered the most significant injuries to his left-hind limb. His left leg sustained significant de-gloving on his toes and multiple wounds and tissue damage to his hock.

His right hind leg was also injured and had multiple puncture wounds and superficial scrapes and bruising across his toes.

Dr Heather performed a series of survey radiographs (x-rays) to check for any internal damage, including breaks. She found no internal injuries to his organs or long bones however he had a displacement of one toe on his left hind leg.

His wounds were then clipped and cleaned, bandages and wound treatment was commenced. Meanwhile our reception team contacted local vets and searched through our lost and found clipboards in every attempt to locate his owners.

Spike during this time remained in our hospital receiving daily wound care. This included wet and dry bandages, with the application of Manuka honey and sterile lubricants to his wounds. He also received antibiotics and pain relief. Spike’s left leg was still in a very bad way and there was the risk of continued tissue breakdown and the possible need for amputation, however only time would tell. He continued treatment for four days before we received a call….it was his owners!

His owners came into the hospital immediately to be reunited with Spike, they had brought with them photo evidence and ID and he was visibly happy to see them despite his discomfort.

After review of Spikes recovery and a lengthy discussion with Dr Sophia, one of our veterinary surgeons, his owners decided that the best thing for the long term recovery of Spike and his leg was to amputate the severely damaged left hind limb. Spike would be a three legged dog. Although this has its challenges it has proven manageable in many dogs who have received significant limb injuries like Spike. Given Spike’s young age he was a good candidate for this procedure. Surprisingly to many, amputee pets cope very well and quickly learn to adapt to their new stance on life. Spike’s surgery was performed by Dr Matthew Brown and it was a success!

Spike made a very quick recovery from his surgery and is already home and on the mend. We look forward to seeing Spike as he returns for his recheck in a few weeks!

Get well soon Spike! 💙💛💙

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