Remember Lalor? 6 weeks ago, Lalor was rescued from a drain by Blacktown Fire Brigade. She had severe Demodex (skin condition), a broken leg and was on deaths door.

But look at her now! I think you will agree that she has made a remarkable transformation. She currently continues her recovery journey at WellPet Vets Nepean, under the care of our head nurse Megan Crawford and the WellPet Vets team.

It’s been hard for a puppy with her energy level to keep rested whilst her leg heals. It’s been equally as challenging for the staff at WellPet Vets to ensure she keeps to her stringent physic routines. She mustn’t over do it and requires physiotherapy 4 times a day as set out by pet physiotherapist Helen Nicholson.

Throughout her recent stages in recovery she has had numerous play times outside whilst she learns to socialise with her soon to be new family, the Brandt’s.

We believe this week she may have pushed herself a little too much during one of her outside play sessions. As a result she has lost a small amount of progress on her leg. Helen has noted her limping has worsened a little, which has slowed her progress by a few weeks. She’s such a cheeky girl and because she is feeling great will often forget she even had a broken leg! She will therefore continue strict cage rest and shorter playtimes at WellPet Nepean until such time she is given the all clear from her physio. Linda and Mark Brandt, her rescuers and new owners will then permanently adopt her!

Lalor continues to win the hearts of all who have followed her story. On behalf of Lalor, we send a big thank you to all that have contributed to her specialist treatment she has needed throughout her recovery.

If you would like to, you can still donate to Lalor’s recovery by contacting our Nepean Animal Hospital on 47333456. If you would like to purchase her a gift, she loves to chew things and given she is restricted in her activity, chew toys have become a favourite to keep her busy and stimulated!

Get well soon Lalor! 💙💛💙

This story is this weeks Vet Report in Nepean News:

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  • Allison 11/10/2016 6:44 am

    We love lalor xx

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