The story of the little puppy who has captured so many hearts was today’s Vet Report in Nepean News.

Late Sunday afternoon Mark Brandt from the Blacktown Fire Brigade was one of the firefighters called to Cavanagh Reserve, Lalor Park. His unit responded to a call from a member of the public who was walking their dog and heard animal cries coming from a drain. The firefighters attended the scene and cut and removed the drain cover and climbed down the drain to rescue the young dog who was in distress. Dirty, shivering, bleeding, and almost completely hairless the dog was weak and in pain. Mr Brandt’s wife Linda, with haste, took the dog to our WellPet Nepean Animal Hospital in Regentville.

The dog (nicknamed Lalor) was immediately examined by our veterinary team. She was believed to be approximately 6 months of age, a Staffordshire bull terrier female, she had no microchip. She had almost complete hair loss, her skin was red, swollen, ulcerated and deeply infected. She was dehydrated with low blood pressure and circulatory collapse, she couldn’t lift her head and to touch her brought immense pain. She also appeared to have a swollen left front leg and fears were that it may be broken. She was in a critical condition.

She was treated immediately with opiod pain relief, intravenous fluid therapy to support her circulation and IV antibiotics. She had to be started on a continuous infusion of local analgesia and pain relief to keep her comfortable. She received gentle bathing and topical skin protectants.

She was then anaesthetized and radiographed revealing a bad fracture in her distal humerus just above the elbow in her left front leg. We cannot tell how long ago the fracture occurred. What we do know however, is that this type of fracture would be complicated to repair.

Skin scrapes were also performed, diagnosing her with Demodectic mange. This is caused by the mite Demodex canis. The overgrowth in these mites leads to deep skin infection, itchiness, baldness and scaley skin when generalized, like with Lalor. Lalor’s skin condition was severe, meaning she had been suffering this condition for some time. Prolonged treatment is required to eradicate the mites and treat the secondary skin disease caused by them.

Because her skin is in such a severe condition she must wait to undergo the repair of her fractured leg. This is because there is a heightened risk of transferring the infection which is currently on her skin to the bone and open tissues during the operation. Therefore, once her skin infection is deemed under control and the risk lowered, she will have the fracture repaired. This type of fracture is very hard to repair as there is minimal bone below the fracture site without entering and affecting the elbow joint, the fracture will also have aged as well. She will therefore have this procedure performed by Parramatta Orthopedic Specialist Surgeon Dr. David Lidbetter.

Long term recovery will include special anti- mite medication for her skin, prolonged pain relief and antibiotics. She will also require cage rest after surgery to allow the fractured leg to heal or possible amputation if it doesn’t go well. Her recovery will be slow and full of potential complications. Lalor is however proving to be a fighter, she is continuing to amaze us with her improvement each day and we are truly warmed by the support she has received from all who have heard her story. Linda and Mark hope to adopt her into their family once she is recovered and are currently fundraising to help with the cost of veterinary bills and treatment costs needed on this journey. If you would like to help please go to: For updates on her progress please follow us on our facebook page Get well soon Lalor!

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