Imagine that you had a severe toothache and no one did anything to help because no one knew. This is the situation faced by over 80% of our pets over the age of 3 years.

Imagine that you had pus covering your teeth day in and day out, that your jaw was being eaten away to the point that they sometimes simply break. This is happening to more pets than you might think!

Our pets will continue to eat because the alternative is starvation. However, they will slowly lose their outgoing nature, withdraw, perhaps become grumpy and sometimes even head shy. The chronic infections in their mouths spread through the bloodstream and infect other organs such as the heart valves, liver and kidneys.

“Our pets will continue to eat because the alternative is starvation””

All this can be treated and prevented by good dental care.

Introducing tooth brushing from a young age is the gold standard in ensuring your pets teeth are protected right from the start against disease. Just like us, our pet’s teeth need daily care.

If you have an older pet and have not given much thought to their teeth or find it impossible to get a tooth brush anywhere near your pet, let alone in its mouth, you’re not alone. Don’t despair, it’s never too late to begin dental disease prevention!

WellPet Vets can help you come up with a suitable plan for your pet and lifestyle to ensure your pet doesn’t find themselves in pain due to dental disease or damaged teeth. The first step, book a free dental assessment with our team.

We will assess your pet’s teeth and grade them on a scale between 1 and 4. Grade 1 meaning your pets teeth are healthy with minimal tartar and gingivitis and Grade 4 meaning your pet is suffering painful, severe dental disease (think rotting teeth). At WellPet Vets our goal I to ensure as many pets as possible can be pain and dental disease free!

Depending on the outcome of your pets assessment, we will explain and advise you of several at home practices for keeping your pets teeth healthy or in some cases (grades 2-4) your vet will recommend a customised dental procedure to help correct and treat any dental disease that your pet is currently suffering. Then you will be given a preventative dental care plan to follow on at home with.

“At WellPet Vets our goal is to ensure as many pets as possible can be pain and dental disease free!”

For a limited time, only we have put together three dental care packages, each package relating to a specific dental wellness level, at a special discounted price. Don’t let your pet suffer in silence, book a free dental assessment today!

We believe in doing everything we can to ensure your pet has access to the best care throughout their lives.

Our Dental care packages include;

–          Hospitalisation – overnight if applicable

–          Intravenous fluids delivered via digital fluid pumps

–          Comprehensive Pre-anaesthetic blood testing and urine analysis

–          Gaseous general anaesthetic and monitoring by a trained veterinary nurse anaesthetist

–          Dental x-ray and imaging

–          Oral surgery time for removal of multiple teeth if applicable

–          Dissolvable suture material specific for the mouth if applicable

–          Local nerve blocking for removal of teeth if applicable

–          Ultrasonic scaling of all teeth

–          Polishing of all teeth

–          Darvall cocoon patient warming

–          Antibiotics if required

–          Pain management medications

–          Detailed plan for ongoing care of your pet’s dental health

–          Printed copies of your pet’s blood results and x-rays

–          Before and after photos of your pet’s  teeth

–          Sample of dental treats/food to prevent future dental disease

–          Post dental consultation recheck

“Don’t let your pet suffer in silence, book a FREE assessment today!”

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