*Updated Information – 1st April 2020*

We understand that there is a huge amount of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 Crisis and we want to clarify the current position of all WellPet Vets Hospitals.

Our number one priority is protecting our staff, clients and patients and since our last COVID-19 post, WellPet Vets have again reviewed our policies and adopted more updated measures.

These measures include:

  • If anyone in our team is feeling unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms, they are stepping away from work until they receive a clearance from their doctor. We are also asking them to follow government guidelines regarding isolation protocols.
  • We are asking all clients about their health prior to booking. If any clients are feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone suffering COVID-19 we are asking them to not attend the clinic unless it is an emergency. In cases of emergency, our team are following strict isolation protocols so we are still able to treat any pets in need safely.
  • All hospitals doors are now locked to the public. We encourage you to call the hospitals when you arrive and wait in your vehicles until the vet is ready for your appointment.
  • At the time of your appointment, only one owner per consult is permitted to enter the hospitals, and you will be asked to sit in the reception area or continue to wait outside whilst your pet is taken into consult with staff.
  • We ask all clients to wash their hands at any point they need to enter our clinics- we have dedicated hand washing consult rooms for clients to use.
  • Please pay by Eftpos or Credit card as opposed to cash whenever possible.
  • Clients will no longer be able to enter our treatment room areas for patient visitation- instead all visits will be made outside the hospital on grassed areas in the sunshine. If a pet is too critical to leave their hospital bed, there may not be the opportunity for visitation until they are more stable.
  • Clients will no longer be able to enter our hospital to access the amenities as this is a shared space with WellPet staff.
  • All WellPet hospitals have implemented clear signage and marked zones in order to maintain safe social distancing between clients and our staff.
  • Being clinical environments, our hospitals already have very strict cleaning protocols in place, however due to the current environment we have increased the frequency of these deep cleans.

We are hugely grateful for the consideration of our clients and also to our staff for their commitment to put animal welfare first and continue to treat as many pets as possible- especially during such challenging times.
We ask all our clients to please be understanding and respectful of our staff during these times, and if you are asked to wait outside or wash your hands this is simply because WellPet Vets are committed to keeping everyone safe. If we can help in any way or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact WellPet vet Hospitals on (02 4733 3456) and our friendly staff will always do what they can to assist you.