The holiday season is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by creating everlasting memories with your furry friends? At WellPet Vets, we’re excited to announce a heartwarming event that will not only spread the joy of the holidays but also support our Cat Adoption Program. This year, we’re teaming up with the talented Franklin Konaraki Photography to offer you the perfect opportunity to capture the essence of Christmas with your beloved pets.

Why Pet Christmas Photos at WellPet Vets?

At WellPet Vets, we believe in the magic of the holiday season and the importance of giving back. Our Cat Adoption Program has been transforming the lives of countless feline friends, finding them forever homes filled with love and care. By participating in our Pet Christmas Photos event, you’ll be contributing to this noble cause and helping us continue our mission.

About Franklin Konaraki Photography

We’ve partnered with the renowned Franklin Konaraki Photography to make this event truly special. Franklin is not only a skilled photographer but also a passionate pet lover, which makes him the perfect choice to capture those precious moments between you and your pets. His experience and expertise ensure that your photos will be nothing short of spectacular.

Photography Package Options

  • Package 1: 4×6 print $25
  • Package 2: 4×6 and 8×12 $50
  • Package 3: Digital emailed file $50
  • Package 4: 4×6, 8×12 and digital file $75

Please note that Franklin Konaraki can only take cash payments at the time of the session, no eftpos facilities will be available. 

How to Book Your Session

There are 4 sessions available:

  • Thursday 23rd November 5pm-8pm 
  • Sunday 26th November 10am-4pm
  • Thursday 30th November 5pm-8pm 
  • Sunday 3rd December 10am-4pm

Booking a session with Franklin Konaraki Photography for our Pet Christmas Photos event is simple; Just call his direct number at 0413 919 889. 

What to Expect at the Event

Our off-site head office located at 1/12 Tindale Street, Penrith, will be transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with festive decorations, cozy props, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You and your pets can don your favourite holiday outfits or accessories, or come as you are – it’s all about celebrating the joy of the season together.

Franklin Konaraki will work his magic behind the camera, capturing candid moments, playful interactions, and the special bond you share with your pets. 

Supporting the Cat Adoption Program

Every photoshoot session comes with a cause. A portion of the proceeds from our Pet Christmas Photos event will be donated to our Cat Adoption Program. By participating, you’re not only creating beautiful memories but also helping cats in need find loving families.

So, why wait? Book your session today and make this holiday season unforgettable for you and your pets. Join us in supporting the Cat Adoption Program at WellPet Vets and spread the joy of Christmas. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals and pet lovers alike.

 Call Franklin Konaraki Photography on 0413 919 889.