Why do we have a Cat Adoption program at WellPet?

During cat breeding season, (Typically Spring – Summer) it is a sad fact that we encounter a rise in the number of kittens presented to our hospitals. These kittens are typically born to stray entire cats, and to owners with entire pets, usually unexpectedly.

At WellPet Vets, to help these orphaned kittens and cats that come through our doors, we run a cat adoption program which aims to help rehome some of these previously unwanted cats.

We rehome an average of 100 cats per year in our program!

Why purchase a cat from WellPet?

All kittens and cats adopted through WellPet come:

  • de-sexed,
  • veterinary health checked,
  • vaccinated (all three kitten boosters included in your adoption),
  • microchipped,
  • wormed,
  • flea treated,
  • and each Kitten also receives a 4 week pet insurance policy through PetPlan at the time of adoption.

How can you help reduce the unwanted kitten population?

Cats will reach sexual maturity at approximately 6 months of age however in the right conditions, this can sometimes occur as early as 4 months. We recommend keeping pet cats indoors with the use of cat enclosures for outside time, and desexing them between 4-6months of age. We strive to educate new and experienced cat owners about responsible cat ownership, especially the importance of de-sexing. De-sexing not only ensures you have no unwanted pregnancies, but has significant behavioral and health benefits for your cat.

Would you like to adopt a new furry friend

If you would like to adopt one of our kittens or to enquire about our program, you can speak to our Cat Adoption co-ordinator for information and to begin the application process.

Our kittens & Cats currently looking for their forever homes