Halloween can be a scary and sometimes dangerous time for pets….here are 4 tips to ensure your pet stays safe this Halloween period….

1. Keep your halloween chocolates and treats out of your pets reach, chocolates and some other lollies can be toxic to pets! If your pet happens to get hold of them contact your vet immediately.

2. Be aware that pets will not understand that you or other people (even children) might be wearing a costume. Slowly accustom your pet to your costume and ensure to look carefully for signs of anxiety and fear towards your costume and even your decorations. Ensure your pet is introduced slowly and with positive reinforcement and that they are given space when needed.

3. Check your gates and keep your pets secure. Make sure your pets microchip and pet tag is up to date. Its not uncommon when your pet gets scared for them to get out or if your having a party or expecting trick or treaters for pets to accidentally be let out. Ensuring their details are up to date will mean that they can get back home quickly.

4. Pets often love to play especially cats and puppies, ensure you keep decorations away and safe from your pets. Glow sticks or fake blood for example although non toxic can cause foaming at the mouth if the liquid is ingested. Many other decorations if swallowed or chewed could also cause obstructions!

Rest assured during this Halloween WellPet Vets are open 24/7 so if you have any concerns about your pet or would like some advice, please call us ANYtime on 1300 WELLPET. We promise our on site vets and nurses are not zombies and won’t bite. 😺

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