With only 6 weeks until Christmas, many of us are beginning our preparations for the big day! Whilst we scurry around and prepare for our Christmas parties and end of year get togethers, Veterinary hospitals, shelters and welfare groups prepare for something very different. This weeks article will highlight 3 of many things, as pet lovers, we should all consider this Christmas.

WellPet Vets work very closely with over 20 welfare organisations. These groups are run by volunteers that dedicate their time to the health and wellbeing of all sorts of animals that find themselves without homes. One of these organisations is No Kill Pet Rescue. NKPR is a not for profit organisation established in 2009 that dedicate their time to saving animals on death row from shelters and pounds. They help to place them in foster housing until they find their forever homes.

We asked NKPR what they go through at this time of year, and what are some things people should consider this Christmas. We also spoke to the team at WellPet Vets and we agreed that the following are 3 (of many) things that should be considered at Christmas time in relation to owning a pet.

1. Pets Are Not Gifts.
Every year there is an increase in Puppies and kittens bought as surprise presents for family members or friends. Owning a pet is a commitment and a responsibility that should never be taken lightly or without consent. Purchasing a pet for a family member without their consent or understanding of this commitment often results in unwanted pets surrendered to shelters and pounds.
2. Desex Your Pets.
Spring and Summer are key breeding times for Cats and Dogs, in particular Cats. Every year our shelters and pounds are inundated with litters of kittens that are in need of homes. If you own a pet, we recommend desexing between the ideal ages of 4-6 months. However desexing your pet at any age will help to reduce unwanted pregnancies as well as a range of other health benefits. For more information about the advantages of desexing your pet, contact your vet today.
3. Don’t Let Your Pet Eat Chocolate.
This month alone, WellPet Vets has seen 5 cases of chocolate toxicity in pets that have stolen their owners chocolate. Chocolate contains the chemicals; caffeine and Theobromine. Both of these chemicals are toxic to dogs and cats. All chocolate contains both of these chemicals, but they are much stronger in darker chocolate. This toxin in pets effects their hearts, liver and brain. There is no antidote and the effects can accumulate over time. Therefore it’s very important to never give your pet chocolate no matter how small the amount, at anytime. If your pet has eaten chocolate, please contact your vet immediately.

This year we will be running our Annual Santa Pet Photo Booth and fundraising for NKPR. We have partnered with experienced animal photographer Franklin Konaraki to take these special Christmas photos of your pets with our very own WellPet Santa. Franklin has a passion for animals and people as well an amazing ability to capture this on camera. Not only does he take beautiful photos, he is passionate about helping our furry friends as much as we are. Franklin will be donating 10% of the photo package prices to NKPR this year to help this group with the wonderful work they do.

🎅🎄🐶🐱To Book your Santa Photos please call 1300 WELLPET (1300 9355738)
For more information about NKPR and Franklin Konaraki Photography go to: www.nokillpetrescue.com.auwww.franklinphotography.com.au

This story is this weeks Vet Report in The Nepean News:

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